15 Nursery Growth Charts to Get Your Toddler Siked to Grow Up

Every baby nursery needs a growth chart. Once your baby starts to grow, and it will happen quick and fast, you’ll want to capture the milestones!

Check out these 15 cool nursery growth charts that are both decor art for your home nursery and a fun growth chart to measure your toddler.

Your tot will soon be growing up like a tree! 


“Oh the Places You’ll Go!” adventure growth chart with NSWE arrow symbol.

This Giraffe neck growth chart might be my favorite. It is so funny with the Giraffe face sticking out all 3-D

Giraffes are known to be a little too tall. Great for eating off of high trees, bad if you want to bend down for a drink of water or enter and exit through doors, or navigate through places of business.

Best symbol for growth and new paths is a tree! This growth chart is designed like a tree with branches growing out, which you can modify to your liking.

Easy to apply: Ruler growth chart comes with step-by-step instructions and adhesive glue that won’t damage your wall! Easily take pieces of the wooden growth chart for kids and stick to the wall.

Grow & Company on Etsy creates amazing professional growth chart designs, among other items fashioned through woodworking, handmade for a unique personalized chart.

Elephant baby stuff is pretty great – why I love this Elephant growth chart.

Anchor growth chart if you fancy an ocean themed baby nursery.

Woodland nursery themes need this outdoor wild bear growth chart!

Doesn’t get in more woodland than this wooden tree growth chart!

This elegant growth chart hangs up on the wall and is made to last as a future piece of art from past memories. Every vinyl number chart comes with a Baby Proof Eluminasor metallic marker, to make all those memories shine!

Create milestone photo shots with this growth chart as your early on milestone tracker, to be displayed as home decor on the wall.

This simple but elegant growth chart comes in two different styles; Night Sky or Pastel Arrows.

This Mermaid growth chart can be personalized with your child’s name. Nothing compares to the life of a growing magical mermaid!

This Animal Alphabet is my favorite growth chart designed by TallTape – one choice of 10 designs. It is a portable, roll-up height chart that comes with a sharpie marker pen to measure from birth.

Great if you have more than one toddler who each needs there own personal growth chart.

This is a pretty cool Jungle themed growth chart wall decal. The growth tree branch extends below so you can measure your toddlers growth among the monkeys, giraffe and lion!

This Marvel Super Hero growth chart is sure to inspire a young toddler boy who wants to grow up to be a mighty super hero. Check out more Marvel Super Hero Baby Stuff