Baby Product Rental Companies Become the Solution to Traveling With Baby & Storage Clutter

Ever run into the problem of needing a product for your baby but only temporarily? Visiting the grandparents that live far away makes it tough if you have to bring along the Pack n’ Play, car seat, high chairs and all that other stuff you need when a baby is around.

Next thing you know your grandparents are spending a small fortune on baby products that will only be used temporarily and then stored away, just so you can come visit! (Aww) But it doesn’t have to be this way. Grandparents can rent equipment for when they are baby sitting and foster parents can pick up items they may need on very short notice.

Businesses like BabyQuip are cropping up to meet this demand and solve this problem. Wherever and whenever you are in need of a temporary product for babies, they are here to help.

“Think AirBnB but for babies and toddlers,” Karlie said. “You can rent the equipment wherever you’re traveling. You can do that nationwide and I wanted to be that service here in the Quad Cities.”-source

Other times you may just need a baby product for a day or two, and if you live in a small home storing tons of baby products that you barely use is not ideal.

Some clientele choose to use BabyQuip for special occasions. Megan Linehan says she first learned about BabyQuip through a sponsored ad on Facebook.

“What we choose to rent we were only going to use for my daughter’s birthday party,” Megan said. “So for a one time use, it was easier to rent it.” –source