Beautifully Unique Nursery Themes Spotlight (October 2018)

Our last nursery spotlight looked at some unique adventurous looking themes. This edition includes just all around unique, one-of-a-kind nurseries. Why try to be like everyone else when you can express yourself fully? These nursery themes are some of the most original and beautiful found yet!

Simple, modernistic theme with a very unique chandelier!
Also that adorable Elephant hamper is a nice touch!


Who created this lovely jungle wall mural?! Amazing!

Forget rocking chairs swings are where its at 🙂

Those designs probably dazzle the baby’s senses as much as it does ours!

I see an adventurous person in this baby’s future, exploring the Himalayas and the Snowy wild.

Forget the casual cactus there, check out that crib! Who made this?

This nursery crib gives off good vibes of spirituality and nature, love it!