Best Cleaning Toys to Get Your Kids Hooked On Cleaning Up After Themselves

Whoever came up with the idea to create toy cleaning sets for children needs to get an award of some sort – perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize? Seriously. Little kids love to mimic adults, why not let them feel “adult” and get them to do some chores? Genius!

These fun cleaning toys for toddlers will get your kids hooked on cleaning. Turn the tables and convince them what they are doing is actually playing… *evil grin*

Play22 Kids Cleaning Set

Your child will feel like a cleaning pro with this set. Includes twelve essential cleaning items; a broom, mop, hand brush, dust pan, duster, sponge, bucket.. and a real spray bottle and micro fibers!  Of course, only put water in the spray bottle – which is still works good to clean up smudges. The “caution wet floor” sign really tops this set off nice.

Play Sink & Dishes

play sing and dishes for toddlers

Toddler: Mommy is this really playing?
You: Of course, sweetheart!
This is in no way an attempt to prep you for future dish washing chores! Have fun!

Vacuum Cleaner for Toddlers

Toy Vacuum Cleaner

Seriously, who is behind making this?
I need to know so I can give them a huge hug.

Theo Klein Cleaning Trolley

To make things easier for your little one, they can use this trolley to truck around all their cleaning supplies! The trolley comes with all the stuff shown in the picture.

Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set

Melissa & Doug Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set - Pretend Play Cleaning Set

Mustn’t forget the window cleaning training pretend-play. This set from Melissa & Doug comes with all the window cleaning tools (as well as some bath cleaning tools for good measure) for your toddler: storage caddy, spray bottle, squirt bottle, scouring powder can, squeegee, cloth, scrub brush, sponge, and cleaning checklist.

Pretend Play Laundry and Dry Iron Cleaning Set

pretend play laundry and dry ironing

Your future chore bearer can practice doing the laundry and dry ironing! Your toddler can play along side while you do the real thing, till it comes time for them to do their own friggin’ laundry.

Kidzlane Kids Housekeeping Accessories

The Kidzlane cleaning set will really make your toddler feel like a grown person doing grown person stuff. The mop, brooms, bucket and cleaning solution bottles are realistic and will get your little one excited to clean!

These toys are particularly awesome because toddlers have a great desire to be like the adults. Don’t make it seem like what they are doing is a “chore” but something to participate in, an activity that will take them from being a “baby” to putting on their big boy shoes and doing what needs to be done, just like the adults! It’s all about psychology.

Of course, the imagination of a toddler is bound to turn these toy cleaning supplies into play swords, tools to swipe their nerf gun from the top shelf and the like. So just be mindful that your kid will probably get bored and use these toys for other purposes! But if all goes well, maybe this will help encourage your children to be more of a clean freak than a slob (one can hope).