Top 5 Best Teething Necklaces (For Moms to Wear)

best teething necklaces

As you would predict, when your baby is teething they will chew on just about anything to ease the pain. As a woman, you probably still want to rock out some necklaces. But while you are holding your baby, they may try to chew on said necklace… Most necklaces might be harmful for your baby to chew on.. so now what? I can’t wear necklaces until my baby grows up?!

The solution, my good mama’, is wearing a stylish teething necklace that is safe for baby to chew on. Not only does this let you rock out some necklaces but it is also practical and makes things easier. A teething necklace won’t get dropped on the floor by baby while you’re out and about. A scenario which results in having you perform acrobatics trying to retrieve the teether off the ground while you are carrying your baby. and finding somewhere to wash it off (only to have your baby drop it again, repeating this dreadful process indefinitely). No thanks!

Below are some of the coolest teething necklaces, that are both safe for baby and offer a bit of fashionability for mom.

ItyBity Baby Teething Necklace With Silicone Teething Beads

This is a favorite among many moms not only because it is a very effective teething necklace, but also because it has some style too. ItyBity offers three wonderful color schemes to complement all your wardrobes so you don’t have to sacrifice your fashionably (because even though you’re a mom you are still a woman, right!?)

The various shapes are also a nice touch fashion-wise, but they are also good for baby. Your baby will love the different textures and shapes to play around with and to sooth their gums. The necklaces meets all safety standards parents look out for – it is BPA Free, No phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals. It is also FDA Approved and meets CE and international standards for baby safety. Oh, and it is also safe to use in the dishwasher for easy cleaning so you can keep it hygienic & germ free for your baby.

I’d rate this is the best necklace out of our list here, as it is fashion friendly AND one of the most effective teethers.

BEBE by Me ‘Harper’ Hard + Soft + Cushy Beads All-in-1 Teething Necklace

BEBE teether necklace

This teething necklace has an interesting look but not quite as stylish as the ItyBity brand, if you ask me. You may like it better though, I don’t know! But even though it may lack a bit in the fashion department, its design is uniquely effective as a teether. Your baby will love the options of hard, soft and ‘cushy’ beads that only BEBE by Me offers.

In the past this teether necklace had some issues with the clasp, with reviews of it breaking when their baby tugged on it. Because lets face it, whatever necklace you have on your baby is going to pull on it! BEBE responded by upgrading the necklace, so now when you buy it is 3x stronger than before, and probably stronger than most other brands, to ensure your baby doesn’t break the clasp.

Like the other necklaces listed here, this one is toxin & BPA free – and is also the only necklace that uses high-end, Japanese standard food-grade silicone (one of the safest and most expensive)

Goobie Baby Audrey Silicone Teething Necklace

Goobie Baby

Here is another great teething necklaces for moms to wear that looks good and soothes baby on the go! Simple & stylish, the beads are uniform round ball beads. Not as much sensory variety here, but still works great as a necklace teether. Goobie Baby offers a cotton drawstring storage pouch and it is made with 100% food-grade silicone material.

Goobie Necklace color options

The turquoise color is its best-selling option but it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Lolly Llama Silicone Teething Necklace

Lolly Llama Teething Necklace

This is one of my favorite brands and the only reason it isn’t at the top of this list is because it isn’t a best-seller like the others. Although it may not be as popular as the ones listed above, it still boasts among the highest in positive reviews – albeit only 30 at the time of writing this.

best teether necklace

That being said, it is one of the more stylish teething necklaces available. I mean just look at it! Gorgeous! And unlike other chewbead necklaces, Lolly Llama designed the beads to start at your collarbone which prevents the necklace from pulling your hair. The breakaway clasp also helps protect your neck when your baby pulls the necklace too hard.

The best thing about going with Lolly Llama (besides their awesome brand name) is that if the necklace breaks, or your baby breaks it, they will give you a replacement as long as you contact them within a year of purchase.

Chew-Choos ‘Playdate’ Silicone Teething Necklace

Chew Choos

The Chew-Choos Teething Necklace has a chic design that is pretty darn cute. The chewbeads are circular and vary in size, making it very interesting for your baby to chew and fiddle around with.

The soft yet firm texture helps reduce drooling. Natural method to manage teething pain and tenderness. Can be frozen or cooled just like traditional teethers.

More About Teething Necklaces

A baby going through teething is a difficult experience for both the baby and parents. It is horrible to know your little one is going through pain, and you want to do whatever it takes to make it go away.

Unfortunately, teething is a natural part of life – growing pains every child must go through. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate that pain. Giving your baby a quality teether is the best way to do this.

Teething necklaces are a particularly great option. One of the benefits of using this kind of teether is that it more sanitary, when you realize that most teethers end up on the floor when your baby drops it.

This isn’t a problem at home where you can quickly wash it off, but when you are on the go a teething necklace just makes life easier. It is much more worrying to drop a teether on the ground in a public place with loads of germs than it is at home.

Do not ever use a the types of teething necklaces designed for your baby to wear – you should definitely only use the ones made for mom to wear. The risks outweigh the benefits. And the benefits are questionable anyway. The most obvious risk is that of strangulation. And it will probably end up on the floor anyway, so you might as well just use a hand-held toy teether.

What About Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces?just say no to amber necklaces

You may have heard about or read online about amber teething necklaces, which are rumored to help alleviate teething pain simply by making contact with your baby’s skin. This claim is unsupported by any evidence at all, and pediatricians actually recommend you NOT use this type of necklace. Not only because the evidence is absent that they even work but more also because these types of teether necklaces are meant to be worn on your baby in order to make contact with their skin (and work their magic). You can probably guess why this is a bad idea, because it then becomes a risk of strangulation and a choking hazard.

The only type of teether necklaces you should use are the ones meant to go around the parent’s neck. That way you are in control… the only risk of choking is for the parent in this case, if your baby decides to tug a little too hard 😉

So don’t fall into the recent fad of Amber necklaces, and go with a good ol’ fashioned silicone variety from the ones listed above 🙂