Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Put ‘n Shake Eggs

Giggling Gourmet Put and Shake Eggs by Bright Starts

Who knew eggs could be so much fun for toddlers? Other than doing the world-famous Easter egg hunt game, of course. Although it may seem strange to give your kid toy eggs to play with, it doesn’t have to be Easter to enjoy these silly eggs! But if you are looking for a great Easter gift for toddlers, you can but this on your list – cause baby’s love it!

Each egg has a funny smiley face on it, and are bright & colorful. While toying around with this the eggs lights up and name the different colors to help toddlers learn their colors. Some of the eggs also rattle when you shake them to spur curiosity. You will find your toddler oddly fascinated by this silly fun egg toy!

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Check out the video below to watch how you and your baby can make pretend eggs with Play-doh!