Easy DIY Craft “Feed the Rabbit” Toddler Toy Game Activity

Here’s an easy DIY game you can create with some cardboard! A simple and fun activity for your toddler to exercise those motor skills.

“Feed the rabbit” and watch the “carrots” drop in the bunny’s belly!

Step 1 – Develop Your Bunny on a Cardboard box

Draw out your bunny figure as shown on a cardboard box. Make sure you can bend sides to create a ‘mailbox’ type structure you can tape on your wall.

Use scissors or a knife to cut out the belly section and the mouth section…

Behind the box you will use a ziplock bag, cutting a section out for where the bunny’s mouth is, then tape or glue it so that when you feed the rabbit ‘food’ it will fall into the plastic bag… aka the bunny belly.

Step 2 – Create Your “Rabbit Food”

Theoretically you can create anything for food as long as it fits through your created bunny mouth. But of course, everyone knows that bunnies enjoy carrots! You can easily create some cheap rabbit carrots out of orange and green pipe cleaner craft stems. Just wrap the orange stem around 2 to 3 green ones and you have some DIY rabbit food!

Step 3 – Announce to your toddler that they now have a pet rabbit to take care of and feed!

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If you’re looking for an easy DIY craft project that will end up with a playful activity for your toddler to help with fine motor skill development AND encourage standing up, this adorable rabbit game might be your pick!

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