Protect Your Baby Eyes During Bath Time With Shower Hats and Visors

There are many bath visors, hats, caps and other baby inventions that prevent soap from getting into your baby’s eyes – below are some of the highest rated with the best reviews.

baby bath visor
Baby Bath Visor and Shower Cap for Toddlers – For Shower Safety from Water Foam Hair Wash and Eye Ear Protection Shield

– Adjustable Head with Waterproof and Soft Non Irritant EVA Material –


Lil Rinser Splashguard in Blue and Pink

Strawberry Farms Adjustable 2 in 1 Green Frog Baby Cap and Sun Hat

Get more variety and buy a pack of Frog, Pig & Bear

Baby Mate 2pcs Leak Proof Baby Bath Visor (Blue & Orange, Adjustable Straps)


It is important to keep shampoo and soapy water getting into your baby’s eyes. Very easy though if you have on of these! Baby shower caps were designed to make bath time easier. It is hard to use your hand as a visor while simultaneously trying to handle a squirmy baby. The basic idea is to just strap on a visor so that you can use both hands. The ones listed above are the most popular with the best reviews, but there are tons of visors and shower caps you can find online.