The Baby Mop Onesie – Turn Your Baby Into a Crawling Cleaning Machine

Baby Mop OnesieBabies – albeit cute & adorable – are messy, filthy little creatures. That being said, you should feel no shame or ill-feelings towards yourself if you felt a surge of excitement after seeing this Baby Mop Onesie, and realizing you can transform your baby into a self-cleaning sponge.

As your precious makes a mess drooling and spilling stuff all over the floor, he or she will effortlessly clean up after themselves as they crawl around. It is the perfect solution for lazy labor-efficient mums and pops out there!

Baby Mop Clothing

Just place your baby in this soft and cosy onesie made from 100% cotton, and let them crawl around helping you with your cleaning duties.

This also makes a great funny gift for new parents. You’re sure to get loads of laughs at the baby shower after the expected mom opens her present revealing the Baby Mop Onesie.

via Firebox