The ‘On-The-Go Baby Dome’ by Fisher-Price

travel domeSay hello to your new favorite travel pod for babies! The On The Go Travel Dome provides a safe resting area for your little one when you’re out and about. If you’re traveling with baby you’ll need something compact like this, and something for baby to sleep in (if you’re traveing for more than a day)

travel pod

Want to go on a picnic with your baby? The adjustable canopy protects against bugs as well as the sun, providing UPF20 sun protection for baby while using the canopy.


baby travel pod


And it just looks really cool when you see some of the other travel baby gear.. oh and it also additionally comes with 2 dope toys for your baby to play with. The Dome is lightweight compared to most travel pods and cribs, and is super easy to transport. With a click of a button it folds up with a handle for easy portability. If I had to rate this thing out of 1 through 10.. I’d say this is a solid 8 right here.