Unique Themed Block Decor Baby Nursery Ideas

Check out these awesome themed nursery block decor, a unique addition for your baby nursery! Created by artist Etsy seller MamaDuckCreates.

Chewbacca! Very cool Star Wars themed nursery block set featuring Chewbacca
and the lovely words, ‘I Love You to a Galaxy Far Far Away & Back’
Han Solo would surely say, ‘I know.’

Lion Ling Baby Nursery Blocks

For all you Lion King fans here’s a Disney themed nursery block decor with baby Simba!
Also, check out some more Lion King baby stuff and nursery ideas!

Peter Pan Baby Nursery Blocks

I Love You to Neverland and Back! And that is pretty far… also, watch out for the alligators!

Jungle themed baby nursery block decor

To the Jungle & Back! A Jungle themed baby nursery theme is always a good choice and you can throw in some Lion King stuff

blues clues nursery block decor

Blues Clues! ‘Get a Clue, I Love You’

To the Moon? No! To the Ocean Floor and back, Mermaid style! Check Out More Mermaid Baby Stuff!

This is only the tip of the iceberg of all the cool themes and decor items created by MamaDuckCreates Etsy shop.
Go check it out!